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Boating Central is dedicated to providing the internet community with a central resource about boats and boating. We go in depth with your favourite types of boats as well as providing a large boating picture gallery.

Boat Types

Our boat types section lists most of the different types of boats you will find around the world. From one-man canoes to large oil tankers you will find them all in the boat types area.

Updated Boating Content

Our canoe page has been updated with more information.
Read all about the unique type of boat called a punt.
You can now read all about what makes a Pontoon Boat.
Tug boats are commonly found in harbours.
Read about the small boats called coracles.
Ferries are the newest boats you can read about.
Take a look at our new sail boat pictures.
Sail boats are the newest type of boat on our site.
View our new canoe pictures that we have just added.
Canoes are a very popular form of boat. is the newest website in our ever-growing web portfolio.
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